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Readiness of Science Laboratory Facilities of the Public Junior High School
in Lanao Del Sur, Philippines

Hanifa T. Hadji Abas1, Arlyne C. Marasigan, PhD2
Philippine Normal University, Philippines





The Philippine K to 12 science curriculum is a learner-centered and inquiry-based discipline that requires learners to utilize learning materials and learning spaces needed for a meaningful understanding of the scientific concepts and for developing their scientific literacy. This is anchored to the constructivism theory that supports ‘learning by doing.’ A laboratory is an essential place for active learning and science teaching that would provide students with opportunities to think creatively and critically to solve real-world problems. This study assessed the current status of the science laboratory facilities in two public junior high schools in the province of Lanao del Sur. This is to assess the current condition and availability of laboratory facilities and to identify the challenges faced by science teachers. This study employed descriptive case study method, in which the participants were from two selected schools in Lanao del Sur. A researcher-made checklist of laboratory facilities and semi-structured interviews were used to gather the data. Frequency was used as a statistical tool for quantifying the number of available laboratory facilities and equipment. Based on the findings, both schools have inadequate laboratory facilities that hinder the performance of the activities in the science module designed by the Department of Education. The lack of a laboratory room, the inadequacy of laboratory facilities and science equipment, defective laboratory equipment, the inadequacy of learning materials, lack of water supply, lack of electricity are common issues in both schools. Teacherrespondents of this study have difficulty in teaching some science concepts and are not fully equipped on how to use some science equipment. Addressing the identified challenges is recommended to achieve quality education for all.

Keywords: constructivism, K to 12 Science, laboratory, Lanao

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