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Relationship Status Between Schools and Stakeholders: Basis for A Proposed Action Plan on Sustainable School – Community Partnership

Samantha Cristina Abrantes Tejada
San Isidro Elementary School
Pagsanjan Laguna, Philippines



This study aimed to investigate the current status of the relationship between schools and stakeholders in the District of Pagsanjan. A quantitative descriptive design was employed, and 288 respondents comprised of school heads, teachers, parents, alumni, local government officials, religious organizations, and non-government organizations were included in the study. Data were gathered using a researcher-made questionnaire. Results showed that the Feeding Program, Gulayan sa Paaralan program, and the Clean-up Drive Program of the Department of Education “Often” encouraged and engaged the school and stakeholders in active partnership. The current status of the relationships between the school and parents, local government officials, alumni, religious organizations, and non-government organizations were “Very Satisfactory.” It was concluded that the programs of the Department of Education have improved the relationship between the school and the community, and have created avenues for the school and community to address common concerns such as health, sanitation, and nutrition. Moreover, schools should involve all sectors of the community in their programs and convince stakeholders of the importance of their assistance in the education and learning process of pupils.

Keywords: action plan, stakeholders, community partnership, DepEd programs

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