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Research Needs Assessment of Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel: As Input to Research Development Plan

Adonis F. Cerbito
Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College
Quezon City, Philippines


This study explored the current status of the research competencies of teaching and non-teaching personnel of the college that will aid as input to the college’s research development plan. The 110 teaching and non-teaching personnel served as respondents in the Research Competency Scale survey and employed a descriptive correlation research design. A Welch’s t-test and a Pearson Correlation were utilized to test the difference and relationship of variables. Findings revealed that the research competency of the teaching and non-teaching personnel is “moderately competent.” Their sources of research competencies were ranked as follows: 1-research ethics, 2-research inquiry/literature reviews, 3-dissemination of research/scholarly writing, 4-quantitative research processes, 5-qualitative research processes, and 6-research sampling methods. There is no significant difference between the research competencies of teaching and non-teaching personnel. Furthermore, education attainment significantly positively affects personnel’s research competencies. Teaching and non-teaching personnel with a higher level of academic degree (graduate studies) has a higher level of research competencies as compared to personnel who do have bachelor’s degree. Henceforth, it is vital to develop a comprehensive plan to increase the research competencies of teaching and non-teaching personnel.

Keywords: research competency, teaching, non-teaching, academic degree

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