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Research on Solutions to Improve Technical Performance among Textile Industries in Zhejian, China

Dr. Fu Dayuan
Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages, Shaoxing, China





Taking Zhejiang textile enterprises in China as the research object had 500 selected managers from 30 textile enterprises from the Zhejiang province in China and presented its profile including the nature of the company, subdivision type, number of years of incorporation and enterprise scale. The study aimed to determine the technological performance among textile industries, test the difference of responses on the technological performance when grouped according to the business profile, with the aim of proposing a plan of action to improve technological performance of textile enterprises in Zhejiang province. Through data investigation and SPSS analysis, literature combing and logical deduction, findings revealed that there is good enterprise technological performance in Zhejiang textile industries. Furthermore, this study found out that there is a significant difference in technological performance when grouped according to the nature of the enterprise, specific industry, years of incorporation, and enterprise scale.

Keywords: Technological performance, Textile industries, Difference of response, Plan of action, SPSS analysis, China

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