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Research Skills and Traits of First Year Social Studies Students of Batangas State University- Pablo Borbon

1Charina Mae R. Ortega, 2Raven M. Panganiban, 3Stephanie C. Samarita, 4Josephine M. Torres, 5April Joy B. Villena, 6Amiel A. Abacan
Batangas State University College of Teacher Education
Pablo Borbon Main I, Batangas City
Rizal Ave, Extension, Batangas, Philippines





The main objective of the study was to determine the research skills and traits of first-year Social Studies students at the College of Teacher Education (CTE) in Batangas State University- Pablo Borbon. Further, this study also ascertained the students’ description of themselves as student researchers, their assessment of their research skills relative to the formulation of the research problem, gathering literature, methodology, and interpreting the results. The researchers utilized a descriptive method of research in this study with the questionnaire as the primary data gathering instrument. Findings revealed that the students are displaying a high level of intellectual honesty and integrity. With respect to their research skills, they consider their possible respondents when conceptualizing the problem, while in terms of gathering literature, they are very much aware of the copyright and plagiarism policies; in terms of methodology, they begin by choosing the appropriate research design; and in terms of interpreting the result, they know that researchers should provide a list of realistic projects and solutions beneficial to the subject of the study. There is a significant relationship between the respondents’ description and their research skills. Thus, the training program design is proposed to offer innovative ways to improve the researchers’ traits and skills in conducting a study.

Keywords: research skills, research traits, research problem, methodology, result, literature

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