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Review of a Manpower Recruitment Business Toward a Corporate Expansion Model

Reynold A. Campo, JD, DBA, Ph.D., PD-SML1, Jerson P. Mundoc, MBA2,
reynoldcampo1126@gmailcom1, jersonmundoc2023@gmailcom2
FEATI University, Philippines &Philippine Christian University-Manila, Philippines-, Philippine Christian University-Manila & JPM Manpower, Philippines



This study aims to evaluate JPM Manpower for the proposed business expansion with the development of a marketing strategy. JPM Manpower is a recruitment company bringing professionals and skilled labor force to different countries in the world. This year, a proposed expansion was thought of by the researcher who is the owner of the firm. The combination of the quantitative and qualitative methods was used. To assess if the JPM Manpower is ready for expansion, the researcher conducted this study. Using the quantitative method, the researcher used the survey method in the data gathering to assess customer satisfaction. Using the qualitative method, the researcher evaluated JPM Manpower using the Internal Factors Evaluation (IFE) Matrix where the internal strengths and weaknesses were identified. The results revealed that JPM Manpower has an internal position of 3.25, which indicates that it is in a strong internal position. The EFE Matrix depicts the opportunities and dangers faced by JPM Manpower, as well as the effectiveness of its tactics to capitalize on the opportunities and prevent threats from entering the system. The overall weighted score of 2.66 suggests that, although the firm can meet opportunities and defend against threats, it does not have a strong enough score to safely assume 100% market domination. A representation of the three key zones, each of which has a distinct strategic significance for JPM Manpower is shown in the IE matrix. Data for the JPM Manpower SWOT Analysis was derived from the results of a survey done to measure consumer loyalty and satisfaction, which was then utilized in the Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) and External Factor Evaluation (EFE) processes (EFE). It was indicated by the SPACE Matrix study of JPM Manpower that it should take a more aggressive approach to prosper. The company has a solid competitive position in the industry and is now undergoing substantial growth.

Keywords: Business expansion, IE Matrix, IFE Matrix, EFE Matrix, Space Matrix, Competitor Profile Matrix

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