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Rising from Covid-19: Private Schools’ Readiness and Response Amidst a Global Pandemic

Kerwin Paul J. Gonzales
Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College
Quezon City, Philippines





Schools’ stakeholders are the most affected during this time of the pandemic. They are mostly the ones at a loss and are the ones sacrificing, may it be either academically, financially, or both. The different gathered data aimed to provide clarity on the issues and provide propositions on how to conduct the schools’ organic functions, possibly during and after the pandemic. In this study, a total of 220 participants came from 44 different schools. The study employed a concurrent-triangulation research design in which an online survey was sent to the participants. Also, teachers coming from international schools and schools outside the Philippines were contacted to have them share their experiences in regards to how their schools handle the situation. Lastly, document analysis was also utilized as a data-gathering procedure. Hence, a model focusing on six factors, namely: ICT Literacy Training, Stakeholder’s Educational Equity, Re-engineering of Teacher’s Mindset, Pedagogical Innovation, Re-designing of the Curriculum, and Re-evaluation of Assessments and Grading System was proposed.

Keywords: Pandemic Education, COVID-19, Concurrent-Triangulation, Philippines

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