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School-Based Complementary Activities on Health Programs for Public Elementary Pupils

Hayzell Joy F. Gabi1, Leodegaria D. Abanto Ed.D2,
Manghinao Elementary School, Batangas, Philippine1
Batangas State University, Batangas, Philippiness2





Good health is essential for learning and cognitive ability. Ensuring good health when children are of school age can boost attendance, educational achievement and live more meaningful lives. This study used descriptive research design to assess the existing health programs in Manghinao Elementary School during the School Year 2015-2016. Specifically, this study determined the health status of public elementary pupils considering their Body Mass Index (BMI) and acquired common health problems. The researcher employed the following statistical tools such as weighted mean and Pearson r. Finally, based on the analysis, this study proposed school-based complementary activities in accordance with the existing health programs. Respondents of the study were 31 teachers and 64 parents who provided responses through a researcher-constructed questionnaire. The researcher also conducted key informant interviews with barangay health workers. The results of this study revealed all of health programs were implemented to a moderate extent in Manghinao Elementary School. Also, school practices relative to promoting positive health behavior and parent-teacher collaboration were often observed. Hypothesis testing revealed there was a significant relationship between the extent of implementation of health programs and manifestation of school practices. From the findings, the researcher prepared school-based complementary activities envisioned to improve the implementation of health programs in public elementary schools. These complementary activities were geared to provide the pupils with different practical applications of health care while inculcating in their minds the importance of healthy living. It was recommended that more complementary activities on health be given to the pupils and parents to encourage better health practices. This study further suggested that more health teachings be given to the parents and pupils.

Keywords: Health programs, school-based complementary activities, parent-teacher collaboration, Philippines health practices, health problems, descriptive research

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