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School Head Leadership Practices and Teachers’ Performance in Twilight Education: Basis for an Enhanced Learning Action Cell

Maricar P. Porcalla1, Dr. Cecilia Q. Velasco2
Laguna State Polytechnic University
San Pablo City Campus, San Pablo Laguna, Philippines





During the COVID-19 pandemic, school leaders adapt to change and find out ways to achieve quality education even school use a new delivery mode of teaching. Learners’ needs are being addressed by school administrators and teachers who innovate and discover approaches to address the needs. This is a situation that necessitates sloppy leadership. The goal of this research was to learn more about school leaders’ leadership styles in Twilight Education. This study involved 60 teachers from San Francisco District schools and used descriptive type of research. To examine the current condition of variables, this study employed an adapted and modified survey questionnaire via Google Form. Findings of the study demonstrated a favorable significant association between school head leadership practices in terms of modeling the way, which prompted a follow-up study. More so, inspire a shared vision to diversity of learners has a negative significant association, and there is no substantial link between school head leadership practices and teacher performance. Thus, the study’s findings do not support the null hypothesis that “there is no substantial association between School Head Leadership Practices and Teachers’ Performance in Twilight Education.”

Keywords: educational management, school head, leadership practices, twilight education, teachers’ performance, descriptive type research, Philippines

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