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Schools’ Technological Research Services Towards Teachers’ Career Professional Development

Dr. Marvin B. Manayan, LPT
Zamboanga Peninsula Polytechnic State University
Graduate School
R.T. Lim Boulevard, Baliwasan, Zamboanga City, Philippines



This study assesses the level of technological research services provided by schools and their impact on teachers’ careers and professional development. It aims to identify significant differences in these aspects based on school types and teachers’ demographic profiles. The study utilized a concurrent mixed-research design and involved 212 junior and senior high school teachers from the Technical-Vocational and Livelihood (TVL) track in selected secondary schools across the Zamboanga Peninsula. The findings indicated that schools in the Zamboanga Peninsula generally provided technological research services that moderately satisfied teachers. These services contributed to enhancing teachers’ knowledge, upgrading their skills, and emphasizing attitudes and ethical standards. The study concluded that schools’ technological research services significantly influenced teachers’ career and professional development, with no significant differences based on school types or teachers’ demographic profiles. Based on these findings, an intervention plan was proposed, including a school-based management plan, a training development plan, and a contingency plan. These interventions are intended to improve services and support teachers’ career and professional growth. The study also recommended integrating technology into educational research services to foster a culture of research, aligning with DO No. 16, S.2017.

Keywords: Schools’ technological research services, admission process, training, consultation, evaluation, utilization, teachers’ career and professional development, knowledge, skills, attitude, ethical standards

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