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Science Teachers’ Voices in the New Normal Teaching: A Phenomenological Study

Ryan V. Lansangan1, Kerwin Paul J. Gonzales2
University of Santo Tomas1,
Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College2





The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic as a massive global concern has brought unprecedented challenges in different sectors of the world. One of it is education which posed as one of the most vulnerable sectors significantly impacted by it. This phenomenon changed the mode of instructional delivery and the viewpoint of education stakeholders on the kind of learning continuity applicable to the learners amidst the looming uncertainty brought about by the health crisis. Using phenomenology, this study explored the voices of public Science school teachers regarding their instructional dilemmas to adapt in the demands of the new normal teaching and learning. Findings uncovered seven emerging emotional themes capped as HOPEFUL: Hard-working and dedicated; Optimistic amidst uncertainty; Problematic yet reflective; Evenhandedness in responsibilities; Frightened but ready; Undisruptive desire to reach; and Life-long learner. Despite the evident uncertainties of the situation, this paper describes the experiences of the Science teachers in their response to their mission of shaping today’s generation towards undisruptive education.

Keywords: COVID-19 pandemic; new normal in education; teachers’ voices; phenomenological study

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