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Secondary School Teachers’ Strategies in Supervisory Practices and Learners’ Holistic Development during Pandemic Era

Hja. Sitti Amina Jaafar Mohammad-Adjarail
Zamboanga Peninsula Polytechnic State University
Zamboanga City, Philippines





Supervisory practices are one of the significant components of responsibility that are expected from teachers to perform along with practicing their teaching profession to their field. On the other hand, learners are expected to develop holistic learning from their academic studies. In line with this, findings revealed that, there was no significant effect between teachers’ supervisory practices to the level of learners’ holistic development. In addition, there was no significant difference between the teachers’ supervisory strategy as their data were grouped according to their profile. In relation to this, the study recommends the administration to come up with the strategic plans and intervention for teachers for them to develop appropriate strategies to support their supervisory performance as an impact for students’ holistic learning development.

Keywords: Secondary School Teachers; Strategies, Supervisory Practices; Learners; Holistic Development; Pandemic Era

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