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Secondary Teachers’ Preparation, Challenges and Coping Mechanism in the Pre-Implementation of Distance Learning in the New Normal

Jennilou A. De Villa1, Franz Kevin B. Manalo2
1,2Department of Education, San Pablo City Science Integrated High School Division of San Pablo City, Philippines1,
1Laguna State Polytechnic University, San Pablo City Campus, Philippines
2Philippine Normal University, Manila, Philippines





COVID-19 pandemic has resulted drastic changes in education. Part of it is the shift from face-toface classes to different learning modalities which include distance learning. Since education is believed to continue despite the circumstances, teachers started to prepare for modular and online distance learning. Teaching is possible, but, has challenges as well. Hence, this phenomenological research explored the lived experiences of secondary teachers in the Division of San Pablo City in the pre-implementation of distance learning in the new normal. The participants were selected through purposive sampling and underwent one-on-one actual in-depth interview through video conference. The documented interviews were transcribed and coded. Categories were clustered; then, emerging themes were derived. Results identified three core themes related to preparation such as gathering resources and establishing practices, profiling learners, and capacity building for continuous learning and development; three core themes related to challenges such as complexity of assessment, difficulty in instructional delivery and digital divide; and five core themes related to coping mechanisms which include positive well-being, time management, openness to change, peer mentoring, and collaboration. Findings revealed that as education migrates to a New Normal, teachers make necessary preparations to equip themselves with distance learning. Though they face challenges which may hamper their work, they still manage to cope with the new normal to continue their tasks. The higher offices and school authorities should work with teachers at the preimplementation of distance learning to address their needs in resources and training to effectively facilitate the delivery of quality education for students.

Keywords: Phenomenological research, secondary teachers, lived experiences, pre-implementation, distance learning, new normal, Division of San Pablo City

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