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Self-Made Business Proposal Presentation: Authentic Learning in General Mathematics

Deo James B. Roxas
Marikina Polytechnic College
Marikina City, Philippines



Authentic learning is a style of learning that encourages the students to produce an outcome that might be a big help in a real-world situation. And this was used in one of the subjects of senior high school, General Mathematics. A study was conducted to determine how authentic learning could aid teachers in discussing General Mathematics. The method of research used was focused action research to the senior high school students of one of the private schools in Marikina City. Learners were requested to have a reflection on their presentation of the self-made business proposals and be compared to their performances and outputs. Analyzing the data lead to three main themes, namely, focused Mathematical concepts, personal development, and principles of learning. Doing this kind of authentic learning shows ownership of the students on their output, which provided different areas of enhancements and learnings, not only in mathematical skills but also improvements for themselves as a person. Thus, Self-made Business Proposal Presentation shows real-world problems engagements, the used of flexible inquiry, intellectual skills and metacognition, students involve in social learning in a community of learners, and ownership of learning. Likewise, doing authentic learning could provide an opportunity for students to solve and explain problems mentally and promotes students’ sensemaking, creativity, personal development, and sense of being a mathematician.

Keywords: Authentic Learning, General Mathematics, Self-Made Business Proposal Presentation, Focus Action Research, Philippines

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