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Self-Paced Module using Summarized Strategy in Science 8 Earth and Space for Students At-Risk of Dropping Out (SARDO)

Norman F. Monteagudo1, Elisa N. Chua, PhD.2
Plaridel Integrated National High School, Department of Education1, Laguna State Polytechnic University San Pablo City Campus, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Applied Research2





Many Filipinos do not have a chance to attend and finish formal basic education due to many reasons. Some drop out from schools while some do not have schools in their communities. For such cases, the Department of Education finds ways to help those type of learners by introducing the modular approach to teaching. Plaridel Integrated National High School is one of the public schools with alarming number of students at risk of dropping out every year. For the Academic Year 2016-2017 the DORP (Drop out Reduction Program) coordinator registered 29 SARDO while for the Academic Year 2017-2018 listed 31 SARDO and for the Academic Year 2018-2019, the DORP coordinator recorded 36 SARDO. The study employed the descriptive method of research. The respondents of the study included 30 identified Grade 8 students at-risk of dropping out at Plaridel Integrated National High School Nagcarlan-Rizal District, Division of Laguna enrolled during the School Year 2018-2019. Ten teachers composed of Master Teacher, Head Teacher and Grade 8 teachers from different schools in Nagcarlan-Rizal District evaluated the self-paced module. The data in the study was subjected to the following statistical treatments and analyses such as frequency, percentage, and mean formula. These were used to quantify and analyze the profile, test results and perception of the respondents. The t-test for dependent samples was employed to determine the possible significant difference in the pre-test and post-test scores of the students using the designed self-paced module in Earth and Space. Results revealed that there was a significant difference in the pre-assessment and post-assessment performances of the students using the self-paced module in Earth and Space as to their lower and higher order thinking skills. This suggests the use of self-paced module in increasing academic performance of students.

Keywords: Self-Paced Module, Earth and Space, Students At-Risk of Dropping out (SARDO), Difference in Academic Performance

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