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Social Adaptation Strategies and Inclusion Initiatives for Foreign Students of Batangas State University

Amiel A. Abacan1, Anabelle M. Arriola2, Carl Jenkins C. Magno3, Drian JC Muell D. Magbojos4, Ethan Jon Joshua B. Ramos5, Princess Diane U. Sulit6
Batangas State University College of Teacher Education
Pablo Borbon Main I, Batangas City
Rizal Ave, Extension, Batangas, Philippines





Socio-cultural immersion is an integral part of every student’s learning. Integration to unfamiliar community is crucial particularly for students who choose to study overseas. The researchers employed a qualitative research approach. Descriptive and phenomenological research designs were used to observe the behavior of participants and semi-structured interview to narrate the respondents’ lived-experiences. Findings revealed that the foreign students of Batangas State University experience socialization positively and negatively. The social challenges encountered by foreign students in terms of academic performance are language barriers, medium of instructions, and communication and collaboration towards academic inclination. There is also a rising problem in terms of socialization in relation to language preferences, common norms, and values attributed to foreign and local students. In terms of adaptation to Filipino culture, foreign students are challenged in understanding cultural diversities, hence, adapting to cultural preferences. Hence, the implementation of inclusion initiatives and adaptation strategies for foreign students was recommended including Include Me Now Project, Foreign Students Caravan, Universal Language for students of Batangas State University, #WeAcceptasOne – Project, and the WeSite website portal platform

Keywords: Foreign students, social adaptation, inclusion initiatives, and Filipino Culture

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