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Status of Queuing Operations during Covid-19 Pandemic as Perceived by the Drivers, Operators, and Passengers

Lowie B. Balbaguio1, Johnny L. Cristobal2, Richard T. Arquintillo3
Ardemil National High School Ardemil, Sara, Iloilo, Philippines1,3
Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College Ajuy Campus San Antonio, Ajuy, Iloilo, Philippines2





The comfort of travelers is always the ultimate target of system operations and services of every queuing of transportation stations in the country. This study determined the status of queuing operations during COVID-19 pandemic in terms of discipline, facilities, services, sanitation, and safety in the town of Ajuy as perceived by the drivers, operators, and passengers. This mixed-method descriptive study was participated by 1, 322 randomly selected respondents from the different queuing stations of in the municipality of Ajuy, Iloilo. Findings revealed that the status of queuing operation in terms of discipline, facilities, services, sanitation, and safety in the town of Ajuy was poor. Queuing operations of transportation terminals really rely on its basic components. In general, travelers, drivers, and travel operators in the Municipality of Ajuy believed that the services rendered in the queuing facilities are not enough to satisfy their needs in times of travel. These basic components should be given attention and be given a consideration. As recommendation, concerning the safety of both the passenger and driver as well as the arising needs of queuing facilities and services, the LGU shall move to provide appropriate solutions on the post delinquencies of town specifically in the small transportation system in Ajuy, Iloilo.

Keywords: COVID-19 pandemic, Drivers, Operators, Passengers, Queuing, Terminals, Transportation, Travel

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