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Strategies Applied on the Factors Affecting the Performance of Pupils in Selected Public Elementary School in The Division of Lipa City

Cristy M. Moreno
Rafael M. Lojo Memorial School
Banay banay, Lipa City, Philippines





Department of Education’s mantra is to produce learners who are literate, able to read, write, can comprehend and equipped with skills needed to be globally competitive. This generation of globalization and technological revolution, education is premeditated as a vital step in every human endeavor. In school, learners need to pass numerous levels of standardized national level of examination like the the National Achievement Test (NAT) that serves as an instrument to test pupil’s achievement level. In a standardized test conducted in the Division of Lipa City the results showed that some schools performed low and that was evident in the exam’s mean scores. This study determined the effective strategies applied on the factors affecting the performance of pupils in selected public elementary schools in the Division of Lipa City. The research design used in the study was the descriptive correlation as it considered most appropriate in assessing the current phenomena. Results were based from the pupil’s report card and from the answers reflected in the questionnaire which served as the data gathering tool. Data gathered were analyzed and interpreted through the use of frequency count, weighted mean, ranking, and Pearson R as the statistical tools of the study. The manifestation of low academic performance is one of the major problems that the Department of Education is facing, which hinders the implementation of the bureaus’ vision and mission appropriately. In connection to this problem, there were factors that affect pupils’ performance in school and in exploring these factors teachers can devise and apply effective strategies that will help improved pupils’ performance.

Keywords: factors, strategies, descriptive correlation, low academic performance

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