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Strengthening the Downstream Supply Chain Management for Vaccines in the Philippines: Food and Drug Administration Perspective

Marissa C. Fajardo, RPh, MBA, Ph.D
Philippine Christian University
Manila, Philippines



The case study examines the framework established by the Food and Drug Administration Philippines to facilitate the Vaccine Supply Chain in the Philippines. During the pandemic, the said regulatory body must ensure its efficiency and safety. AnyLogistix, a system software employed in Post Market Surveillance for vaccines in Norway, was discovered during the research process. This software has facilitated the efficient assessment and monitoring of vaccines in Norway. Consequently, this case study explores the potential benefits of implementing anyLogistix in the Philippines to enhance drug and vaccine cold chain management. The Grounded Theory was used to assess the readiness and acceptance of local companies and organizations responsible for managing cold chain facilities and vaccines in the Philippines, to pave the way for future advancements in the field. Ultimately, the acceptability of the comparative study validates the approval of stakeholders, cold chain facilities, and government regulatory agencies in using anyLogistix as an automated system to efficiently monitor the post-market surveillance in the downstream stages of the supply chain for vaccines spearheaded by the Food and Drug Administration-Philippines. This study conducted a survey among 14 expert panelists both male and female in which 8 out of 14 panelists expressed dissatisfaction with the current system of how the government responds to pandemic outbreaks, 10 out of 14 panelists were not familiar with anyLogistix, and 11 out of 14 panelists shows interest in using this Norwegian software to improve the efficiency in responding to vaccine supply management issues, therefore, anyLogistix could be a good development that the Food and Drug Administration could utilize.

Keywords: Strategic continuity, Business plan, Sustainability, Adaptability, Private Emission Testing Centers, Motor Vehicle Inspection System, Regulatory pressure, Leadership change, Policy shifts, Mixed methods research.

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