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Students’ Perception on Science Teaching Pedagogy in Philippine School Overseas Qatar: Implications for Innovative Stem Classroom Practices

Jayson L. De Vera1, Chaellie Angelie D. Miranda2, Angelika Mae M. Legson3, Clenneth B. Cutad4, Francis Jose Felix A. Cahapay5,
Justle Clyde P. Marayag6, Christine Marie F. Lunar7

Philippine Normal University1, College of the North Atlantic-Qatar2.3, Universiti Putra Malaysia4, San Pedro College, Philippines5, De La Salle Medical Health Sciences Institute6, Central Philippine University7





Students’ perception in teaching serves as a powerful tool in evaluating teachers’ performance and formative reviews. This research paper aimed to study the impacts of how teachers taught STEM science subjects to students and how teacher pedagogy affected the students learning. The study followed a descriptive research design, which was quantitative in nature. It was conducted in selected PSOs in Qatar with a total of 143 respondents from Junior and Senior HS selected using stratified random sampling. The instrument used was Student Instructional Report II. Frequency distribution, weighted mean, and percentage were used as statistical tools. Based on the results, the impacts of how STEM teachers teach science offers a positive feedback. Teachers’ pedagogy affects how students perceived their subject to be; if the organization and planning of the subject was ineffective, students would then perceive that the subject is difficult. The evaluation results suggest a continuous monitoring of classroom instruction and teaching strategies are required. Teachers should follow the new trends in STEM pedagogy, where it follows a collaborative, integrative, constructivist, and reflective approach for authentic and interactive learning. Most of the respondents learn through audiovisual techniques, laboratory exercises, simulations, group discussions, and the use of computers and technology. Encourage further communication with the students, as it is a vital part of the relationship of teaching.

Keywords: Classroom assessment, evaluation, learning experiences, STEM pedagogy, and teaching modalities

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