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Supervisory Functions of School Heads and Barriers in Developing Teachers’ Performance

Ciarra Mae B. Encanto
Laguna State Polytechnic University, San Pablo City Campus, Philippines





This study aimed to analyze and determine the relationship of supervisory functions of school heads and barriers in developing teachers’ performance. This study utilized a descriptive-correlational type of research. The researcher used a self-check list in gathering data. The test was administered to a group of teachers after securing permission from the District Supervisor. The researcher collated the data, coded and tallied them for statistical analysis and interpretations. Mean, standard deviation and Pearson-ProductMoment-Correlation-Coefficient were used as statistical tools. The respondents of this study were 125 elementary teachers employed in 13 schools of Mauban North District Division of Quezon. The data gathered indicated that supervisory functions of school heads in terms of classroom visitation, staff development, human relation supervision, and improvement of instruction and delegation are effective. In the barriers in the supervisory function as to resistance to change multitasking communication attitudes and beliefs towards supervision and technical expertise were rarely observed. As to performance of teachers in terms of content knowledge and pedagogy, learning environment and diversity of learners, curriculum planning, assessment and reporting, and plus factor they were very satisfactory. Based on the findings, the researcher came up with the following conclusions: School heads’ supervisory functions were found to be effective in developing teacher’s performance while barriers in supervisory functions of school heads have no significant effect in the teacher’s performance. Since supervisory functions of school heads were effective, they may be encouraged to improve those functions to make them very effective. To raise awareness in barriers in the supervisory functions, understanding the cause and effect will be a great help to minimize the problem. The result may be considered as a roadmap for the school heads to assist teachers who needs guidance in developing teacher’s performance.

Keywords: barriers, supervisory functions, teachers’ performance

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