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Sustainability of Local Economic Enterprises in the Cities of Batangas, Lipa and Tanauan: A Proposed Model for Local Economic Development

Romano M. Balbacal
Lipa City Senior High School, Lipa City, Philippines





RA 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991 has a mandate to create public enterprises for both public service to the people. Local economic enterprises (LEEs) in the Philippines consists of public markets, slaughterhouses, public hospitals, public city colleges, cemeteries, parking lots, recreational and cultural facilities, public services such as water and power supply and distribution and telecommunications, waste collection and disposal, and public conveyance and terminal services, among others. The main objective of the study is to analyze the status, profile, level sustainability, challenges and problems encountered by the public enterprises in the Cities of Batangas, Lipa and Tanauan; with an endpoint of proposing a GROWTH Model for local economic development. This study is quantitativequalitative study which employed mixed methods research that is combined with descriptive-correlational design with empirical surveys and interviews which involved documentary analyses for the collection of qualitative data to adequately address the research objectives. Generally, the status, profile and level of sustainability of Local Economic Enterprises in the three cities of Batangas have a great impact, as agreed by the research participants. There is a significant relationship and difference in the status, profile and sustainability in the three cities of Batangas. Pandemic has a numerous adverse effect on the status and profile of the public enterprises. Attitudinal problems of the employees slightly affect the quality-of-service delivery of LEEs in the component cities of Batangas. Sustainability of LEEs in the component cities of Batangas hinge on their income stability, plans for their future expansion, and operational continuity completely portrayed as high extent. The proposed GROWTH Model maybe evaluated for the integration of the local economic development plan in the component cities of Batangas.

Keywords: Public Administration, local economic enterprise, sustainability, Philippines

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