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Task Specialization and Group Study on Students’ Achievement and Attitude in Physics

Marisol D. Andrada 0000-0002-8053-316X
Department of Education, Sto. Nino National High School
Schools Division of Iriga, Philippines



This study investigates the impact of cooperative learning strategies, particularly task specialization and group study, on student achievement and attitude in Physics among Grade 12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) students. Motivated by diffusion of responsibility, the research employed a One-Shot Pre-test Post-Test Research Design over three weeks. Students were divided into groups and assigned roles as managers, investigators, or recorder-reporters. The effectiveness of these roles was evaluated using the Student Physics Test and the Physics Attitude Inventory. Results indicated a significant improvement in student achievement (t-test = 14.65) but no substantial change in attitudes towards Physics (t-test = -0.47), suggesting pre-existing favorable attitudes in STEM students. The study concludes that while task specialization and group study effectively enhance achievement by reducing the diffusion of responsibility and promoting active participation, they do not significantly alter students’ attitudes toward Physics. The findings recommend implementing these strategies across various subjects and educational strands to increase student achievement. Further research is suggested to explore the broader implications of these strategies on student attitudes, validate results over extended periods, and examine the effects of varying roles and group cooperation.

Keywords: action research, cooperative learning, task specialization and group study, achievement, attitude, Sto. Nino National High School, Iriga City, Philippines

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