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Teacher Characteristics and Attitudes in Learning Mathematics as Perceived by Mathematics Teacher Education Students: A Mixed Method Study

Rico O. Suson1, Jobell B. Jajalla, LPT, MAEd2,
Kapalong College of Agriculture, Sciences and Technology Maniki, Kapalong, Philippines



This study employed a mixed methods design, utilizing a parallel convergent approach to explore the quantitative status and lived experiences of Mathematics major students regarding their perceived teacher’s characteristics and attitudes. The participants were Mathematics education students, with 80 respondents for the quantitative phase and 14 for the qualitative phase, selected through total enumeration and purposive sampling, respectively. The quantitative results indicated a very high status of perceived teacher characteristics and students’ attitudes. A positive low correlation (r = .27, p = .0064) was found between the two variables. In the qualitative phase, students revealed positive experiences with instructors, emphasizing their good qualities and influence on learning, while also highlighting teacher-related difficulties. Student insights emphasized the crucial role of fair treatment and interaction in learning, predictors of learning attitudes, and the significance of positive attitudes. Notably, the quantitative data largely aligned with the qualitative findings.

Keywords: attitude in learning mathematics, mathematics, mixed methods, teacher’s characteristics, Philippines

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