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Teacher’s Capabilities, Learning Experiences, and Challenges in Blended Learning in the New Normal Education

Kriztea Eve S. Suegay
Zamboanga Peninsula Polytechnic State University
Baliwasan, Zamboanga City, Philippines





The educational services worldwide are affected by COVID 19 pandemic. It brings numerous challenges, particularly to all. Thus, the Philippine public educational sectors decided to shift traditional teachinglearning into a blended learning modality. There are options such as online classes and modular distance learning as an alternative way for schools and teachers to render educational services to the students. Moreover, even teachers are still in the process of adjusting and improving their teaching practices and capabilities to deal with the current trend of teaching-learning modality. So, the researcher explored the teachers’ capabilities, learning experience, and its challenges in blended learning in this new normal education. This descriptive research used a quantitative method wherein the teachers of Diplahan National High School served as respondents. They were chosen randomly through stratified random sampling to come up with 68 sample sizes. It utilized Pearson Product Moment Correlation, T-Test, and ANOVA as statistical tools. Results revealed that teachers in Diplahan National High School possess the necessary capabilities needed for the implementation of blended learning. The learning experiences of the teachers in blended learning are the following: the students are improving their ICT literacy skills, the students are responsive to queries, respectful, participative, and are paying attention. The respondents experienced these challenges: students with internet connectivity, poor internet connectivity, distance from home, too much auxiliary work, stress, and lack of sufficient time. More so, there is a significant effect of teachers’ capabilities on the teacher’s learning experiences in blended learning, particularly in the length of service. Consequently, regardless of the respondent’s differences in terms of their age, years in service, and position, they have acquired some learning experiences in this blended learning.

Keywords: Teachers’ Capabilities; Students’ Learning Experiences; Teachers’ Challenges; Blended Learning in a New Normal Education

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