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Teaching Proficiency and Performance of Pre-Service Elementary Teachers: Implications to Teacher Education Training Program

Dr. Glenda C. Magno
Bataan Peninsula State University, Philippines





The teachers and the quality of their instruction are always the prime concern in education. Thus, this study aimed to find the level of teaching proficiency and performance of pre-service teachers. The descriptive method of research was used with 200 pre-service teachers and their respective cooperating teachers as respondents. The researcher used frequency and percentage in determining the respondents’ profiles, and T-test and ANOVA, to show the significant difference for the respondent’s profile and teaching proficiency and performance. Based on the findings, the cooperating teachers were 43 years old, with different areas of specialization, with MA units and with 15 years in service. The pre-service teacher-respondents were 22 years old, and most were females. The teaching proficiency of the pre-service teachers was described as outstanding with content as the highest; meanwhile, the lowest was on questioning skills. The teaching performance of the preservice teachers was excellent with the highest mean on work attitude, followed by competence, and last on punctuality. There was no significant difference in the level of teaching proficiency and teaching performance of the pre-service teachers when grouped according to their profile. The preservice teachers must develop techniques on how to ask provoking questions to their learners and the value of punctuality since it is a sign of professionalism.

Keywords: Teaching Proficiency and Performance, Pre-Service Elementary Teachers, college of education, quantitative method, documentary analysis, Philippines

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