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Teaching Stratagem Database: An Efficacy Promulgation of Instructional Approaches in SDO Batangas Province

Ma. Leticia Jose C. Basilan1, Babylyn C. Gonzalvo2
Department of Education- SDO Batangas Province
Batangas, Philippines





The teachers have a very challenging job as are entrusted with so many responsibilities that range from the very simple to most complex. As being the focal figure in education, they must be competent and knowledgeable to impart the knowledge they could give to their students. Every day, teachers meet challenges as part of the work or mission that they are in. It is very necessary that they need to understand the inevitability to be motivated in doing their works well, to have motivated learners in the classroom. When students are motivated, then learning will easily take place. In this manner, this study sought to fulfill the objectives of distinguishing general effectuality of the instructional approaches used by the Senior High teachers in SDO Batangas Province as well as the instructional approaches favored by teachers and students to be the best and the most effective instructional approach suitable to the Senior High Learners in selected Content Areas common to all tracks offered in the division. Moreover, the researchers used mixed method correlational designs that examined the roundup among the instructional approaches commonly used by the Senior High teachers and the professed instructional approaches by the students that would ascertain the least effective to the most effective instructional approaches that would eventually be adopted by the whole teaching force. The study revealed that Experiential Learning Instructional approach commonly used by the Teachers is the most effective instructional approach and the least effective of all is Learning by Teaching. Also, the top three (3) instructional approaches that excelled and were discovered to be effective as professed by the students -respondents used in the selected content areas are Experiential Learning, Active Learning and Demonstration. Meanwhile, Integrating Technology, Learning by Teaching, Case Method and Lecture/ Discussion were the last in the list of Instructional approaches professed by the students. It was divulged in the study that there was no significant difference among the Instructional approaches used by the teachers and the Instructional approaches in different content areas. Lastly, a Teaching Stratagem Database, a website of instructional materials, would be proposed to mentor and coach teachers on the utilization of effective instructional approaches for these specific learners to enhance and develop the teachers’ instructional approaches used in their respective classrooms.

Keywords: instructional approaches, senior high school, Teaching Stratagem Database

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