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Technology Integration in Teaching Science using TPACK among Pre – Service Science Teachers of St. Bridget College Batangas City, Philippines

Jeryll Nicko L. Mercado1, Vivien Joy M. Panganiban2, Tricia Myriene I. Ramos3
University of Batangas1, San Pascual National High School2, Golden Gate Colleges3 Batangas, Philippines





Technology is now one of the most influential and important instruments in meeting the demands and coping up with the changes in the field of education. Understanding the implication of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework in integrating technology in teaching science was help the teachers to facilitate effective science teaching-learning process for the students to acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills from their curriculum. This study used a descriptive method of research which aimed to assess the importance of TPACK Framework as a basis for integrating technology in teaching science of the second year and third year pre-service science teachers of St. Bridget College, Batangas City, Philippines. This became the focus of the survey questionnaire made by the researchers. With regards to the effects of TPACK Framework in Teaching Science relevant to the content, respondents agreed that the TPACK framework makes the content easily understandable. In terms of pedagogy, they agreed that it allows experiential learning experiences, and in terms of technology, respondents agreed that TPACK Framework strengthens the teacher’s ability to teach the subjects. Regarding the extent of technology support to 21st century Science Teaching, respondents agreed that in terms of delivery, it arouses students’ interest and motivation to learn. In terms of Instructional Materials, they agreed that technology support gives accessible and current information which broadens learning; and in terms of content knowledge, they also agreed that it helps students analyze and understand graphical representation of data easily and clearly. Furthermore, in terms of the use of instructional materials, respondents agreed that the speaker helps in the production of sound in studying science particularly, physics. Based on the findings, a Technological Enhancement Activity using Web quest is proposed as the output of the study which can be used to enhance the science teaching-learning process and enrich science teaching through the use of TPACK Framework. In addition, the responses of the research participants were treated with the use of frequency, weighted mean and ranking. Generally, the researchers recommend the creation of software application to improve science teaching and technological skills of the teachers and the students. In addition to this, future researchers should use a bigger number of respondents to gain more accurate result.

Keywords: Descriptive Method of Research, Learning Process, Pre-service Teachers, Technology Integration, TPACK Framework, Teaching Process, Web Quest, Philippines

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