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The Buffering Effect of Organizational Tenure on the Association of Burnout, Salary Satisfaction and Turnover Intent of Filipino Contact Center Employees: A Predictive-Cross Sectional Analysis

Jaime P. Gabriel1, Armando Ricardo J. Aguado2 0000-0002-9665-08031, 2
Mapua University, Muralla St. Intramuros, Manila 1002 Philippines1-2



Call centers in the Philippines are the top choice of foreign investors to outsource their customer service functions because of the natives’ ability to speak English. But while the industry is famous, constant attrition is a common problem, mainly because of burnout and salary satisfaction. To add to the growing solutions for call center attrition, this paper employed organizational tenure as a moderating variable in the association of burnout, salary satisfaction, and turnover intent among Filipino contact centers. A predictive cross-sectional method, from a target population of about 420 respondents, has been used in this study to accurately represent Filipino contact centers. There has not been any study globally or in the Philippines about the buffering effect of tenure, and the results of this research, using multiple regression analysis and ANOVA, provided remarkable and practical implications for organizations to adapt and for researchers to study further using a longitudinal or qualitative methodology.

Keywords: Filipino contact center; organizational tenure; burnout; salary satisfaction; turnover intent

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