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The Contributions of Marketing, Operational, Legal, and Financial Aspects to the Successful Implementation of the Donation Program Facility

Rachelle M. Santos, LPT, JD, DBA, Ph.D., PD-SML1
Reynold A. Campo, JD, DBA, Ph.D., PD-SML2,
rmsantos0107@gmail.com1, reynoldcampo1126@gmailcom
Philippine Christian University-Manila (PCU) & University of Santo Tomas (UST), Philippines1,
FEATI University, Philippines & Philippine Christian University-Manila, Philippines



The establishment of a centralized donation program facility in every city and municipality is in congruence with the United Nation’s Sustainability Strategy and anchored on the Philippine National Development Plan 2023-2028 for deep economic and social transformation to reinvigorate job creation and accelerate poverty reduction which is embedded on “Ambisyon Natin by 2040 that describes the kind of life that people want to live, and how the country will be by 2040. A study was conducted using the theoretical framework of a project’s feasibility to assess the viability of the program. The marketing aspect focused on how the information about the program shall be disseminated to the target beneficiaries. The operational aspect of the operating process of the donation program focuses on the activities and tasks to be used to coordinate, collect, and distribute food and non-food items to the final consumers/beneficiaries. The operational process projection shall cover the planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and regulating the many phases of the donation program facility. A legal feasibility assessment was used and regarded as a critical workflow to ensure that the program achieves its underlying goals in a timely, efficient, and seamless manner, hence reducing the risk of unpleasant surprises during implementation. Financial elements of business refer to the management, acquisition, and utilization of financial resources to achieve the program’s strategic objectives. Budgeting, forecasting, analyzing, planning, managing, and negotiating are all part of the process, as is risk management. The centralized donation program will cover the receipts and disbursement of all donated items plus the proceeds of the livelihood products the program will offer, thus a need for its feasibility is needed to be used as one of the bases of its establishment.

Keywords: donation program, feasibility study of a donation program, operating process of a donation program, program strategic objectives

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