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The Labyrinth of Multitask Teachers in Learning and Working Environment in Times of Pandemic

Carla Jobelle J. Culajara
DepEd- SDO Quezon
Candelaria Quezon Province Philippines





The study highlights the journey of multitasking teachers in learning and working environments. Specifically, it unveils the professional experience of teachers who are studying in a Graduate school while working and managing effectively delivering instruction during pandemic. The study used descriptivecorrelation design through survey technique with researcher-made questionnaire which was participated by secondary public-school teachers in Candelaria East District. Findings revealed that the majority of the respondents are female 31- 35 years old, with master units and have 1-5 years of teaching experience. Teachers are very resilient and enthusiastic in accepting and adjusting to the new normal in their teaching and learning experience. Clearly, they are confident in their abilities to overcome such difficulties and they are able to improve digital literacy in the context of 21st-century learning design. More, study revealed that there is no significant association between a teacher’s length of service and their teaching performance. It is recommended to teachers to display empathy, establish trust, and a desire for togetherness to lead the way in achieving the addressed goals. Significantly, teachers’ responsibilities are growing at such a rapid pace that they will become stagnant if they refuse to pursue self-development and must have a progressive attitude on their roles as change agents.

Keywords: Labyrinth, personal, professional, cultural, multitask teachers

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