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The Lived Experiences of Learners from Broken Home with Insignificant Progress Amidst Pandemic: Basis in Designing A Remediation Plan

Winston E. Ebagat1, Dennis G. Caballes2, Ph D.2
Dr. Josefa Jara Martinez High School, Department of Education – Quezon City, Philippines1
Centro Escolar University, Mendiola, Manila, Philippines2





The closure of Philippine schools has greatly affected the quality of instruction and learning during the pandemic. This study aimed to delve into the lived experiences of learners with insignificant progress from broken homes during the implementation of distance learning modalities. To materialize such a purpose, the researchers employed the phenomenological method of study. Fourteen student participants from broken homes were purposively selected to participate in an in-depth interview. The themes were identified using the NVIVO Application. The result shows that these groups of learners encountered several challenges such as slow internet connection, unfinished learning tasks, and deafening noise. These students have also made some adjustments which include doing household chores, changes in sleeping patterns, and seeking help from peers. More so, as a support to their children, the parents/homes assist such as financial and material support. It is also reported that parents/guardians give advice and help their children in accomplishing learning tasks. In conclusion, institutional policies from the government needs to strengthen the collaboration among education stakeholders to further assist these groups of learners. Subsequently, proposed remediation plan was made.

Keywords: distance learning, learners with insignificant progress, broken homes, remediation plan

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