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The Meaningful Academic Maturation Process of Teachers Leading to Administrative Functions

Dr. Loida C. Basilio
DepEd Division of Bulacan, Marilao South District
Saog Elementary School, Philippines



This study is about the meaningful academic maturation process that an aspiring teacher must undertake to be fully prepared, equipped, and nurtured to become a school head. Alongside the other elements of being a school head like the experiential learnings, effects of the colleagues in the academe, and the problems or challenges the informants have encountered in their pursuit toward their present administrative functions and will present a descriptive and comprehensive data on their preparations of being a school head. The researcher made use of the technique of mixed method in gathering information. This study found out that superiors in the academe positively influence the teachers leading to administrative functions in terms of professional motivation. On account of this, the aforementioned hierarchical officials play an important role in inspiring and motivating future school administrators. The data gathered showed that various factors such as continuing professional development, years of teaching and leadership experience, regular workshops and training, coaching and mentoring from current school heads, knowledge, and compliance with the laws in the field of education- all together are what comprise the effective maturation process for teachers leading to administrative functions. Furthermore, the informants believed that experiential learning is an essential maturation process in preparation for administrative functions. After examining the data that were transcribed from the interviews, themes emerged. Seeking advice, Flexibility to the work environment, Community and Political dealings, Workload issues, Instructional and Good leadership. Therefore, current school officials represent a very important role in the academic maturation of teachers in preparation for administrative functions. Finally, the proposed Program/Curriculum Enrichment/ Technology Program for this study, a guidebook on becoming a school head was devised to help aspiring teachers on their journey to becoming a fully equipped school head ready to serve the pupils, the teachers, the educational system, and the community.

Keywords: academic maturation, teachers, administrative functions, administrators

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