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The Pledge of Smart City Development: The E-governance (Under) Development in The Philippines

John Ray C. Camorongan
National University, Philippines



This study examines how aspiring smart cities in the Philippines utilize their E-governance programs to shape the development of public service delivery and democratic participation. The study employed qualitative analysis and a review of the City’s E-governance services, mobile application, and web portal as methodological approaches. The research drew upon the foundational works of Bertot, Jaeger, McClure (2008), and Yildiz (2012) to guide the analysis of the findings. A qualitative analysis and iterative approach were adopted that involved gathering data from various sources, such as official documents, reports, and websites with key stakeholders involved in implementing E-governance initiatives in the selected smart cities. Additionally, a review was conducted on the City’s E-governance services, mobile application, and web portal. The findings infer an apparent fragmented, inconsistent, and inefficient utilization of E-governance initiatives in the Philippine cities. The lack of standardization and coordination among different cities’ E-governance programs hinders their effectiveness in improving public service delivery and promoting democratic participation. Consequently, this study emphasizes the need for standard policies and active collaboration among stakeholders, particularly national government agencies, to address the challenges. This study contributes to the existing literature on smart cities and E-governance, particularly in developing countries like the Philippines. It sheds light on the complexities and potential solutions in implementing effective E-governance strategies, highlighting the importance of standard policies and collaboration among stakeholders to unlock the full potential of E-governance initiatives.

Keywords: E-governance, Smart City, Government-to-citizen services, Citizen-centered governance, Digital Governance

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