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The Relationship between Parental Involvement and Academic Motivation of Grade 11 and 12 Senior High School Students

Ellen Louise Guinaling Amante1, Rey Almer Libuangan Gindap, Lpt, Maed2 Arwin Ancla Varquez3, Angelo Fementera Maureal4, Danrey James Dumayo Torres5, James Niel Caupit Masepequiña6, Ruth Enanoria Arig7, Grant Dominie Maglao Galang8, Chan-Chai Porol Pableo9, Jenmmy Bansi Pogpog10, Cherylyn Olaco Granada11, Jaymans Mañacap Magnanao12
St. Mary’s College of Tagum, Inc.
Tagum City, Davao del Norte, Philippines



The goal of this research is to know the correlation between parental involvement and academic motivation among Grades 11 and 12 senior high school students. The descriptive-correlational approach was used in this research. Furthermore, a universal sampling technique was used, resulting in 206 respondents out of the 796 total population. The parental involvement rating scale and academic motivation scale were applied to quantify parental involvement and academic motivation, respectively. The mean was utilized to determine the extent of parental involvement and level of academic motivation. Moreover, Pearson R was employed to test the significance of both parental involvement and academic motivation. The study concluded that parental involvement was sometimes evident among parents of students. In the same way, the academic motivation of senior high school students in Grades 11 and 12 was moderate. Lastly, parental involvement and academic motivation have proven to have a significant but low-to-negative relationship. This means, that when parents show high involvement in students’ academic learning, this results in students having less motivation academically; this also happens vice versa. It is recommended that parents and students talk about their preferences regarding how parental involvement is enforced to have better academic motivation. Teachers should also communicate with their student’s parents to inform them of their child’s preferences regarding their participation in learning.

Keywords: academic motivation, parental involvement, correlational research, Pearson R

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