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The Relationship between Spending Behavior and Student Financial Management Skills

Jana Athena Marie Capricho Ablay1, Rey Almer L. Gindap2, Patrick Jayson L. Ralla3, Niña Pauleen P. Garcia4, Niña Pauleen P. Garcia5, Denise Abigail Brillantes Pacete6, Princess Nicole Raminto7, Sophia Kaye S. Sayon8, Relyn Grospe Tomaquin9
0000-0001-8992-05051, 0000-0002-1477-62782, 0000-0002-2172-85143, 0000-0002-9586-59094, 0000-0002-9475-22165, 0000-0001-7755-94176, 0000-0002-1973-82977,
jana.athena.marie@gmail.com1, sirgindapreyalmer@gmail.com2, patrickjaysonralla@yahoo.com3, ninapauleeng@gmail.com4, abipacete@gmail.com5, ramintoprincess@gmail.com6, sophiakayee.05@gmail.com7, tomaquinrelyn@gmail.com8
Mapua Malayan Colleges of Mindanao
Davao City, Davao Del Sur, Philippines1-8



This quantitative descriptive-correlational research aims to determine the relationship between spending behavior and student financial management skills. One hundred fifty-three (153) online, Senior Highschool students voluntarily participated as respondents of this study using Universal Sampling Technique. In quantifying the Factors Affecting the Spending Behavior of College Students and measuring the Financial Management Skills of Students, the 4-point Likert-type and 5-point Likert-type scale was used as survey questionnaires. Mean and Pearson-R were used to test the significant relationship between the spending behavior and financial management skills of students. The results revealed that while students’ management skills were lacking, they could ameliorate managing their finances. This study found that there is a significant relationship between students’ spending behavior and their financial management skills. This study suggested that students should spend their money more intelligently to attain better achievements in financial management. Teachers and educators should prioritize educating kids about the value of financial management.

Keywords: Spending Behavior, Financial Management Skill, Correlational Research, Mean, Pearson R

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