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The Role of Enhanced “Follow-Up” and Simplified Video Tutorial in Blended Learning during the Pandemic

Leonard John S. Soliman
San Juan National High School, Philippines
215 – 222





Nearly everyone involved in the education system is new to blended learning. While teachers have to navigate around the new environment, they have to ensure that their learners are not left behind. Teachers’ awareness of students’ experiences during the pandemic, be it school-related or personal helps them adjust their approaches to the teaching-learning process. This study employed the qualitative research, specifically the multiple case study design. Informal interview transcripts, school documents, call transcripts, and validation statements were the main source of data for the study. The result of the study revealed three themes in the pursuit to answer the research questions presented in this research. These themes were student experiences in the new normal modality of education, factors that affect student participation rate in blended learning, and school and teacher interventions that learners seek. In this research, the videos were simplified by the teacher through explaining the lesson in a simpler language without compromising the substantial content. Students’ consistent response that simplified lesson videos helped them learn in their own pace must encourage teachers to include such support in planning for their synchronous and asynchronous classes. Another vital support that teachers and the school can provide during these challenging times is to look after the well-being of their students. Constant and enhanced follow-up of learners done in a subtle and encouraging manner will increase learner motivation to continue their studies despite the challenges and struggles they encounter in their life and in their studies.

Keywords: Blended Learning, Simplified Video Lessons, Student Experiences During the Pandemic, School and Teacher Interventions

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