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The Strategic Review of the Program Compliances of A Higher Education Institution toward Development Plans’ Redirection

Ramon Woo Jr., CPA, Ed.D, DBA, Ph.D, PD-SML1
Rachelle M. Santos, LPT, JD, DBA, Ph.D., PD-SML2,, rmsantos0107@gmail.com2
Philippine Christian University & John Paul College-Mindoro, Philippines1
FEATI University & Philippine Christian University-Manila, Philippines2



Without a doubt, academic institutions value strategic directions. Colleges and universities invest significant time and effort in holding several meetings with various constituent groups on and off campus to solicit opinions on their strategic objectives, as well as funding for consultants. Combining Strategic Planning and Budgeting Processes ensures that budgets are founded on the economic rationale, that greater communication and coordination among offices and individuals are established, that plans and budgets are implemented smoothly and that overall organizational performance is improved. The inherent concerns of John Paul College (JPC) in Roxas Oriental Mindoro in constantly maintaining its CHED compliances were analyzed to determine the amount of disparity between actual and projected data. The Institutional Sustainability Assessment (ISA) was used to examine the CHED compliances of JPC to determine the degree of its amenability based on available resources. The redirection of tactics must be matched with the ISA’s main areas. The researchers used re-contextualization of an existing theory or method, applied a technique in a new context, tested the theory in a new setting, showed the applicability of a model to a new situation, and evaluated the result and any implications as combined with corroboration and elaboration of an existing model focusing on the evaluation of the effects of a change of condition; experimental assessment of one aspect of a model. The survey’s self-created questionnaire was distributed to respondents via Google Forms. After strategically reviewing the JPC’s program compliances by referencing the Commission on Higher Education’s Institutional Sustainability Assessment (ISA), the redirection of JPC.’s strategies must be considered immediately to address the compliance issues.

Keywords: Strategic Model, Institutional Sustainability, Assessment (ISA), Quality Assurance compliances, CHED compliances of higher education

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