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Time – Based Tilting Photovoltaic Re-router

Irish Giselle C. Bautista, Virginia A. Blanco
Batangas State University
Pablo Borbon Main II, Alangilan, Batangas City, Philippines





Energy is an essential input for economic development. Since exhaustible energy sources in the country are limited, there is an urgent need to focus attention on the development of renewable and alternative energy sources. Solar energy is the best natural solution to many problems as the sun usually is providing abundant energy which provides power to almost everything on earth. The primary goal of this Project Development Study was to develop a Time-Based Tilting Photovoltaic Re-router which is a modified way of installing a solar panel. It will be a significant endeavor of the researchers who believed that this would be of great benefit for the users of photovoltaic technology in Batangas province. The project is intended to move the panel at best possible angular position concerning the position of the sun. It is a time-based motion control device which aims to increase the utilization of a solar power generating material by improving the conventional way of installing solar panels. It was designed to make time-based movements of the solar panel. It was primarily, residents from the area in Batangas will be the primary beneficiaries of this project for it will help them to improve their way of living and upgrade their accuracy of generating power. Every household would also be a benefactor of this study, considering solar energy as a source or co-source of electricity and it can lessen the growing payment of commercial electricity. The project was tested and proven to be efficient, safe, durable and can generate higher power rating compared with the conventional installation of solar panels.

Keywords: Renewable Energy Act of 2008 (RA 9513) Project Development Study, Experimental Research, Higher Education, Philippines

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