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Tourist Application Management and Inventory (TAppMI)

Epifelward Niño O. Amora1, Kennery V. Romero2, Rennan C. Amoguis3, Jonas E. Olandria, Ph.D.4, Evangeline N. Olandria5, Alma Mae J. Bernales6, Pamela Joy B. Romero7
Bohol Island State University – Candijay Campus, Cogtong,

Candijay, Bohol 1-7





This research addressed the gaps in the current tourist recording system of Bohol Tourism Offices as it uses manual process in counting the tourist visiting each destination via logbooks. Accordingly, some tourists are not counted because some of them failed to register on the logbooks or only the van driver or the tour guide’s name is registered and only indicates the number of tourists. Tourism Application for Management and Inventory (TAppMI) tried to solve the gaps. With TAppMI, the tourists are counted fairly because they only have to tap their cards or souvenir items in every tourist destination. Without those, the entry of tourists is not allowed. This system is composed of RFID Cards or Souvenir Items with combine RFID, Microcontrollers, and a webserver. The proper accounting of reports is done in the main tourism office via a Webpage that features a one-stop dashboard that shows the logs from every tourist destination. This system ensures that every guest reaches their tourist destination based on their itinerary and can also be a tool in tracing them in case of distress. It also uses the AgileScrum methodology of software engineering that enables the researchers to deal with a task by breaking it into phases, including consistent effort with project stakeholders and constant development and iteration in every phase.

Keywords: Tourism, Tourism management, Tourism inventory Wireless technology, Raspberry pi server, Micro-computer, Radio Frequency Identification, Web Application, Philippines

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