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Trainers’ Training Assistance And Trainees’ Performance In National Competency (NC) Assessment

Vonryan D. Prado
Zamboanga Peninsula Polytechnic State University
R.T. Lim Boulevard, Baliwasan Zamboanga City, Philippines



This study inspired to look into the extent of trainers’ training assistance and its significant effect towards the trainees’ performance for the National Competency (NC) assessment of the selected training institutions under the supervision of Technical Education Skills Development Authority – Zamboanga City Division (TESDA-ZCD) through descriptive-quantitative research design. Furthermore, this study considered the trainees which were selected randomly as a respondents to share their substantial responses pertaining on the quality of training assistance rendered by the trainers. Also, the trainers of the selected training institution were considered to share their responses regarding on the challenges met along with the training assistance that they rendered towards the trainees’ performance for the National Competency (NC) assessment. Findings revealed that there was a highly observable of the trainers’ training assistance and it was significantly influenced the highly performed trainees for their National Competency (NC) assessment. However, there was a highly challenged on the part of trainers along with the training assistance that they rendered. In relation to the findings revealed, this study further suggests to the administrator to endorse, maintain and provide desirable rewards and recognition for the highly observable training assistance of trainers that manifests on their commitment and dedication to the service.

Keywords: Trainees, Trainees’ Performance for National Competency (NC)Assessment, Trainers, Trainers’ Training Assistance

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