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Transforming Delivery and Supply Chain Management to Company’s above-par
Performance Framework

Andrea Punzalan, MBA, Ph.D
Philippine Christian University
Manila, Philippines



An inefficient supply chain has a significant risk to company profitability and customer satisfaction. The purpose of this study is to explore the main strategies that manufacturing companies can utilize to identify and address obstacles in supply chain and delivery management, ultimately leading to enhanced performance and customer satisfaction. The researcher conducted surveys and interviews with the key informants such as customers and experts in the Supply Chain to gather insights into their experiences, recommended solutions to a problem, and other pertinent factors. The researcher therefore concludes that it is clear that to achieve a high level of performance in today’s highly competitive business environment, it is necessary to transform delivery and supply chain governance into an integral part of a company’s overall performance framework. Adopting cutting-edge technologies, utilizing data-driven insights, optimizing the supply chain through a Vertical Integration strategy, and adopting agile methodologies are necessary to maximize the potential of a business’s supply chain and distribution processes. Study findings benefit both companies and customers here in the Philippines by providing the potential to improve consistency in meeting customer demand without a delay in delivering complete items, resulting in customer satisfaction and business growth.

Keywords: Supply Chain and Delivery Management, Increase Customer satisfaction, Enhance Company performance, Vertical Integration Strategy

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