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Trends and Issues of Hotel Industry in CALABARZON: Inputs to Tourism and Hospitality Development Planning

Dr. Jennifer Zorrilla Hernandez
Batangas State University, Batangas City, Philippines





Hotel business is considered a major part of the tourism industry globally, and it is currently within the wing of dynamic advancement and development. The study focused on the current trends in the hotel industry with regard to lifestyles, brand, food supply chain, technology and rules and regulations. It ascertained the significant difference on the assessment of the respondents. It tackled the issues encountered by the hotel industry and proposed a tourism and hospitality development plan. A quantitative method utilizing descriptive method was used in gathering needed data through survey questionnaire and qualitative approach stressed on the structured interview and focus group discussions. The profile of the hotels relative the forms of business organization, classifications, years in the business, number of employees and purposive sampling was considered to its respondents such as hotel owners/administrators, hotel employees and hotel guests in the selected hotels in CALABARZON region. Analysis of variance, frequency, percentage, weighted mean, and Scheffe Method were applied statistically. Majority of the respondents assessed the profile of the hotel as corporation, classified as one star hotel, 6 to 10 years and with 25 and below number of employees in the hotel. The respondents assessed the hotel industry trends in relation to lifestyle, branding, food chain supply, technology and rules and regulations as evident. There is a significant difference on the assessment of the hotel owners, employees and tourists on the hotel trends. The respondents assessed the issues encountered by the hotel industry as evident.

Keywords: Hotel Industry, Trend, Issues, Descriptive Method, Philippines

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