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Utilization of Chatbot as Non-Print Materials for the Enhancement of Teaching Instruction in Electromagnetism in Grade 10

Jona Añano1, Coreen Denielle T. Dela Vega2,
1 2
1Marikina Catholic School, Philippines
2San Mateo National High School, Philippines
MAT Students at Marikina Polytechnic College, Philippines



This study tries to evaluate the Chatbot as a non-print material to enhance the teaching instruction in electromagnetism in grade 10 students and to respond to the difficulties experienced by teachers and students in teaching electromagnetism. This study was done with selected students of San Mateo National High School involving 20 students who are currently studying Science 10. A survey was also conducted by the researchers in identifying the possible competency and topics that became the focus of this research. This research used the ADDIE model in developing and utilizing the Chatbot as the non-print instructional material for the enhancement of teaching instruction in electromagnetism in Science 10. The researchers focused on the five (5) stages of the ADDIE model which includes analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. In conclusion, this research provides a reference that by utilizing chatbots as non-print instructional material, an educator will engage the online learner nurture a successful learning community, make proper use of social media platforms, and alleviate the frustration and fear that goes along with learning electromagnetism. As a result of the evaluation, a chatbot is easy to use, more on online learning, can learn faster using a chatbot, and can learn things while using Facebook and Messenger.

Keywords: Chatbot, technology-based, non-print material, ADDIE model, Constructivism, Online Learning, Philippines

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