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Utilization of Classroom Talk in Enhancing the Oral Communication Competence of Grade 9 Students

Reina Czarina L. Fule
Laguna State Polytechnic University, San Pablo City Campus, Philippines





This study aimed to find out if there is a significant difference in the oral communication competence of Grade 9 students before and after classroom talk strategy was utilized thru online discussions. Preassessment and post-assessment were given to know if the implementation of classroom talk did enhance the oral communication competence of the group that was involved in the study. The activity was evaluated using the scoring rubrics as instrument that included the organization, content, language use, and speech delivery as sub-categories to measure. The design of this study is experimental one group pre-test posttest. The respondents were composed of 30 Grade 9 students studying at San Pablo City Science Integrated High School for the School Year 2020-2021. The group was originally heterogeneously sectioned even before the study was implemented so there was no need to do a random sampling. The teacher-researcher selected one Grade 9 section with 30 students, as advised by the thesis adviser. Since the students were already in a heterogeneous group, intact sampling was used by the researcher. This sampling technique was the appropriate one for this study for it will most likely guarantee a valid result when very strong assumptions were formed after the implementation of the study since the respondents have already been grouped heterogeneously from the beginning of the school year. This means that their skills regarding the oral communication competence varies. Using Brainstorming, Think-Pair-Share, and Storytelling as activities under classroom talk strategy, respondents were given more opportunities to speak out their minds and share their opinions to the rest of the class, thus exercising their oral communication competencies. This has been proven effective for the post-assessment activity yielded increased scores of the students compared to their pre-assessment data gathered. The data gathered after the retrieval of the profiling questionnaires were subjected to descriptive statistics to describe the respondents’ profile using frequency, mean, and standard deviation. The study confirmed that Grade 9 respondents’ oral communication competency was enhanced after classroom talk strategy has been implemented during their online discussions. It was hypothesized that there was a significant difference in the mean scores of the respondents before and after using classroom talk strategy in their oral communication competence.

Keywords: classroom talk, oral communication competence, online discussion, brainstorming, think-pairshare, storytelling

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