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Utilization of (Musa Textilis) in Footwear Making in Accordance to Philippine Footwear Federation Industry, Marikina City

Anna Khristina B. Buday
Marikina Polytechnic College
2 Chanyungco St., Sta.Elena, Marikina City, Philippines



Marikina is one of the leading cities in high-grade shoe production. The purpose of this study is to assess the value and quality of footwear made by the researcher from Musa textilis known as abaca in terms of the whole shoe test, bonding, upper material flex of abaca, rub fastness, Martindale abrasion, and din abrasion resistance. The parameters used were the common tests to determine the durability and quality of material for footwear production. This is developmental research in which the author’s target is to create shoes from plant-based material such as abaca (Musa textilis). The developed footwear was also compared to the standard set by the Philippine Footwear Federation, Marikina City Philippines. According to the findings of this study, some plant-based materials can be used for footwear making. The material science of the plant material should also be assessed for durability, flexibility, and compressibility for good and quality footwear.

Keywords: Creative Industry, Footwear, Quality, Marikina,

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