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Utilization Of Project-Based Learning (PBL) Resources In Senior High School

1Mariel L. Resaba. EdD., 2Norrie E. Gayeta, PhD.
1Primitivo Kalaw Senior High School, Division of Batangas, Department of Education
2Batangas State University, Main I, CTE, Rizal Avenue, Batangas City, Philippines





This study assessed the utilization of project-based learning (PBL) resources in Senior High schools. It described the PBL resources and the extent of their utilization along science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) components. It compared the administrators’ and teachers’ assessment on the PBL resources. Further, it identified the opportunities and challenges in these resources. A management program was prepared to enhance the delivery of STEM instruction. This study used the descriptive method of research with a questionnaire as the main data gathering instrument. Unstructured interview and focus group discussion complemented the results. Respondents were 124 administrators and 304 STEM teachers from the four Division of Batangas – Division of Lipa, Batangas, Batangas City, and Tanauan. Weighted mean and t-test were used in the analysis of data. Project-based learning in public senior high schools was supported with capable teachers and sufficient material resources. The utilization of PBL resources Along Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics was observable among STEM teachers, yet there was seeming need to use them more extensively for better Science instruction. On the other hand, the administrators and STEM teachers varied significantly in their assessments on adequacy of PBL material resources, but both concurred on human resources to handle PBL instruction and activities. Moreover, main concerns were financial resources and optimizing PBL resources for international collaboration and research appreciation. Finally, the developed management program for the utilization of PBL resources may provide administrators and teachers an appropriate framework to use PBL resources that enhance the delivery of STEM instruction.

Keywords: Project Based-Learning, PBL Resources, STEM Instruction, management program.

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