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Video-Aided Self-Reflection a Pedagogical Tool in Teaching Biology

Shiela M. Aceveda
Governor Feliciano Leviste Memorial National High School
Lemery, Batangas, Philippines





Advancement and evolution of different kinds of gadgets, mobile phones, laptops and computers are highly appreciated by most of the students today. These become effective tools to enhance their motivation and active engagement inside the classroom. However, these also change the continuity of lesson because students confine themselves in using gadgets and playing mobile games at home. Decline in students’ performance becomes visible. In educational system where technology cannot be withdrawn, an intensive effort of a teacher to integrate it constructively can revamp technology as an effective tool for learning. With this explosive space of change and development, the researcher decided to check out the effectiveness of video as a tool for learning in a form of video-aided selfreflection in teaching Biology. The study used quasi-experimental research design. The participants of this study were 100 Grade 8 students from two different sections handled by the researcher in the School Year 2018-2019. A researcher- made pre-test was steered out to the controlled group and experimental group at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Controlled group used traditional means of self-reflection while the experimental group used video-aided self-reflection. At the end of the quarter the same test was administered to both controlled and experimental group. Mean, standard deviation and t-test were used as statistical tools to navigate the results of the study. Findings revealed that both groups showed differences in their score implying that they had different level of performance in Biology after the utilization of video-aided self-reflection. This revealed that the use of video-aided selfreflection was an effective pedagogical tool in teaching Biology.

Keywords: Video-aided, Self-Reflection, Pedagogical Tool, quasi-experimental, Philippines

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