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Voicing Out the Factors That Affect Learning through Photovoice

Joefrey R. Chan
Philippine Normal University
Manila, Philippines





Learning is always been an essential objective of education. However, there are many factors that could affect learning in and out of the four corners of the classroom. The study explored these factors through utilizing descriptive research and qualitative approaches particularly Photovoice methodology to determine relevant data from the participation of 49 Grade 12 students under the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics strand in a public school located at the Philippines’ capital city. Results revealed that electrical hazard- faulty electrical wiring and open outlets; earthquake hazards; facilities that were left unfixed; filthy, unhygienic and dysfunctional comfort rooms; environmental sanitation; barriers in learning (noisy environment/poor classroom ventilation); and construction hazards are the factors that affects the learning of students. Furthermore, participants perceived that there should be initiated program or policies, coordination with the Supreme Student Government, with the teachers, with the alumni, and with the school administrators to solve the existing problems that could affect students’ learning. Moreover, policy maker became more aware of the problems existing in the school, became more interested in addressing the presented problems by suggesting programs and policies for the betterment of school environment. Based on the gathered data, it can be recommended that feedbacking through the use of photovoice method could be an effective way to improve and enhance the school community to start change in enhancing the learning environment for the students.

Keywords: School Climate (Physical Environment), Factors Affecting Learning, Photovoice

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