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Voter’s Poll Precinct Search

Epifelward Niño Amora1, Kennery V. Romero2, Rennan C. Amoguis3,
Rodelou G. Tuyor4
College of Technology and Allied Sciences Bohol Island State University
Cogtong, Candijay, Bohol, Philippines


One of the biggest problems during election day is the congestion of voters in the areas where names, precinct numbers, sequence numbers, and voting status were verified. This is caused by the lack of a fast and effective system for doing the task. Few elections passed, and the said processes are done in a manual process. Recently, the Commission on Election launched an online precinct search and verification system but, the system failed to perform according to what is needed because it collects many user data the query proceeds and is very dependent to an internet connection which made it less usable in areas with poor internet connection. The mentioned gaps made the researchers think about how to improve the current system and make it more usable particularly in areas with poor internet connection. Using the Agile: Scrum methodology of software engineering, the researchers interviewed the election officer assigned in the town of Candijay. According to the election officer, having a system that would be able to search names, precinct numbers, sequence numbers, and verify voting status that runs without depending on an internet connection is the best solution to fasten the process and lessen voter congestion. The Voter’s Poll Precinct Search system has been developed based on the statements of the election officer and the current system. It is a localized system that runs on both web and mobile applications that searches voters’ information and status using a smartphone that aims to fasten the process of finding voter poll precincts, sequence numbers, and voter verification. The researchers made the clienteles answer the software usability questionnaire and received good feedback. Therefore, based on the data, the researchers concluded that the system successfully performed its designed task.

Keywords: Mobile Application, Web Application

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